Thinking about training with me but you’d like to hear what other women say about my sessions?

Then take a look at some of my recent testimonials below.

I started Run Club when we were in the first lockdown. I immediately felt connected to the women and felt part of the community even through zoom.

Obviously my running fitness, stamina, pace and distance have improved; but for me, it’s been the friends that I have made in group and the sense of belonging I have. Emma’s knowledge, energy and enthusiasm is so contagious and she’s all about women supporting women, creating such a strong culture of support. 

My Thursday is the most sacred space that I make for myself – it combines exercise and connection with a great bunch of women, which I think is the best self-care going. Literally can’t recommend Run Club enough!! 

Having never been a fan of running before and not confident to go out and exercise on my own, I was delighted to find Emma and the classes she offers.

From starting slowly and at a pace and distance we could manage, Emma soon gave us the confidence to actually enjoy our running session and achieve our 5km distance.

Along the way I’ve had such a laugh with a great bunch of women that I now I’m part of the Thursday run group too.

I downloaded the couch to 5k app about 3 years ago and did a total of zero runs. I even chose Sarah Millican to motivate me, she didn’t. I thought I’d try running on the treadmill at the gym and I’d run for less than two minutes and get embarrassingly out of breath and have to stop or walk. I knew Emma did a run club when I started group PT sessions.

I finally just plucked up the courage and decided to book the beginners’ course and anxiously waited for it to start. I had no idea how much fun and how well supported I would feel. You literally just have to turn up, Emma can get you through any run.

I genuinely didn’t think that I would ever manage to run, I haven’t since school, but this was such a wonderful start to running and I was so proud to reach a 5km run by the end of the course. I wouldn’t have done it without Emma and the group and I can’t recommend her enough.

I first joined Emma’s group PTs after completing the beginners run club and then moving on to the Thursday night run clubs. I had always wanted to join a PT class but had been worried it was all burpees and push ups. I was also anxious about being able to keep up and looking silly not being able to do the exercises. Emma convinced me to give the first 6 week program a try with no pressure to continue if it wasn’t for me.

I needn’t have worried about anything, the small groups make it less daunting and all the women I have been nothing but welcoming and friendly. Although it is a group, Emma explains the exercises carefully putting emphasis on good technique and also giving variations depending on what suits you as an individual.

I started the PT sessions during the Pandemic as a way to keep mobile, support my mental wellbeing and to give me something to do before life returned to normal. They started online and moved face-to-face, in the woods.

I honestly thought I would last a couple of weeks and find it all too much, but 9 months later I am still signed up and loving it (well I even do it when I don’t love it!) Emma is great at modifying routines for me due to a bit of a dodgy knee. This means I’m always included and I never have an opt out!

I am stronger and healthier than I have ever been. I love doing home workouts and my 11 year old even gets involved with me. An added bonus is a drop in dress size and a new found confidence of loving me and the body I have.

I started going to one to one PT’s with Emma for guidance on how to exercise and to get in better shape. What I’ve gained from them is so much more. I can now take away what she has taught me in our sessions to the gym for a beasty workout.

Aside from exercise she has guided me in nutrition, mindfulness and is always there for me if I need a boost in motivation. Never a dull moment as every session is different and Emma designs sessions for what you want.

She is amazingly knowledgeable and the best PT I’ve ever been to. Also she has dramatically improved her music playlist of late 💪

I first met Emma when she ran her mum and baby exercise classes. I absolutely loved them and felt so much better for moving and exercising. Emma was so motivating and supportive. I then joined her first couch to 5k program and again loved it and continue to go to run club now.  

I started PT sessions with her and this has to be my favourite session. Emma really listens to you and understands what goals you want to achieve. She works you hard but in a fun way. I always look forward to them as I always come out feeling amazing and strong. My body started to change and I could see the progress I was making. I have never been as fit in my life as I was when having 1-1 sessions weekly with Emma. I lost the weight I was hoping to and became toned and strong. My fitness level was the highest it has ever been and this in turn had a really positive impact on my mental health and self esteem. Emma helped me achieve my goals and way more than I ever anticipated I could. 

I’ve known Emma for 2 years- I started 121 sessions 12 weeks after my c section. She helped me rebuild my fitness in a safe way. I was getting married the following year and she knew how to push me to get the best results. She is great to train with, so knowledgeable, understands me as an individual and really cares.

I’ve since done her 5-10km run group, Thursday run group, mum and baby group classes and small group PT. Safe to say I’m a fan.

I am now working towards being bride ready again (COVID postponed first wedding ) after having a second baby. There is no one I trust more to help me do this.