Having never been a fan of running before and not confident to go out and exercise on my own, I was delighted to find Emma and the classes she offers.

From starting slowly and at a pace and distance we could manage, Emma soon gave us the confidence to actually enjoy our running session and achieve our 5km distance.

Along the way I’ve had such a laugh with a great bunch of women that I now I’m part of the Thursday run group too.

I highly recommend the run groups with Emma.  I started the 10 week beginners programme with no experience in running at all.  I had previously downloaded the couch to 5km app, but always failed at completing it. 

Emma’s support is next to none, she constantly motivates you to keep going.  Running the 5km Parkrun was a huge achievement for me, considering I couldn’t run the length of my body before starting!  I have now moved onto the Easier Said Than Run group. 

Emma’s sessions are always varied and very enjoyable.  If you are thinking about getting back into running or thinking of taking it up, this is definitely the best place to do it.

When I joined the Thursday run club I was already a regular runner but had signed up to do my first half marathon so wanted to work on my strength and speed. 

The sessions with Emma have delivered on both of these things and so much more.  Each week they are different, well planned, education and above all, fun. Emma really knows her stuff!  Everyone is so welcoming and there is such a team spirit where no member is left behind. 

In terms of my own running, Emma’s sessions have helped improve my stamina, speed, running technique and my confidence has grown so much.  I would highly recommend these sessions to anyone who enjoys running, wants to meet like-minded people and get a better understanding of running techniques. 

I’m now excited to run my half marathon and put what I’ve learned into practice.  I will definitely continue with the sessions as they are so much fun.  Thank you so much Emma for your support, knowledge and encouragement.

Never would I have thought that I would look forward to an hour of being beasted and pushed so much but I do!  Emma has the ability to make you enjoy working out so you leave smiling and sweating. 

No two sessions are the same so it gives you the tools to go away and make your own workouts and she even gives out homework. 

My physical strength has come on massively but so has my mental strength all down to Emma – I just wish her taste in music was better!

We’ve been ‘enjoying’ sessions with Emma for nearly 6 months now and we have to say it our Monday evening sessions sets us up for the week ahead with a mindset of feeling healthy and eating healthy. Emma makes the sessions challenging but fun with her positivity and sense of humour. 

She has listened to what we wanted and tailors the sessions to suit our personal needs.

Previous to pregnancy I was very fit and healthy and used to love running, circuit training, walking – and then it all went pear-shaped, literally.  I had quite a difficult pregnancy and suffered with severe sickness and so exercise was the last thing I felt like doing! 

When Annalise was around 3 months old I decided it was time to try and get ‘me’ back – and signed up for PT sessions with Emma.  Annalise is now 10 months old and I can confidently say that the sessions have done the job – amazingly I am back in my pre-baby clothes, and have my figure to where I wanted it to be.  If it wasn’t for Emma being so baby-friendly in her gym and welcoming my little ‘plus one# it just wouldn’t have been possible for me to train.  She has a great stash of toys, playmats etc to keep baby entertained through the session – although mostly Annalise would just sit and watch what was going on and wonder what on earth Mummy was doing!

The sessions themselves are fantastic – Emma is a specialist postnatal PT and it shows.  She also personally understands how challenging exercise can be after a baby and paces the session accordingly.  That said, in the 7 months I have trained with Emma I have never once found a session ‘easy’ – which is testament to how well she works and gets to know clients when each and every session is that little bit more difficult. 

Every week Annalise and I have been loved going to the sessions – she has enjoyed the change of scene, and I’ve enjoyed the headspace to be able to exercise and do something for myself.  We have always left each week feeling lighter, happier and brighter! 

Thank you Emma!