Thinking about training with me but you’d like to hear what other women say about my sessions?

Then take a look at some of my recent testimonials below.

When I joined beginners I was worried I’d be too slow but the support given from Emma and the other club members meant that worry soon disappeared. The programme is pacy and doing home runs is needed but if life got in the way and I’d only managed 1 or maybe none, I was reassured that running with the group would get me through and it did. I’ve now been part of Thurs run club for 6 months and it has been the best thing, exercise wise, I’ve ever done!

Having never been a fan of running before and not confident to go out and exercise on my own, I was delighted to find Emma and the classes she offers.

From starting slowly and at a pace and distance we could manage, Emma soon gave us the confidence to actually enjoy our running session and achieve our 5km distance.

Along the way I’ve had such a laugh with a great bunch of women that I now I’m part of the Thursday run group too.

I downloaded the couch to 5k app about 3 years ago and did a total of zero runs. I even chose Sarah Millican to motivate me, she didn’t. I thought I’d try running on the treadmill at the gym and I’d run for less than two minutes and get embarrassingly out of breath and have to stop or walk. I knew Emma did a run club when I started group PT sessions.

I finally just plucked up the courage and decided to book the beginners’ course and anxiously waited for it to start. I had no idea how much fun and how well supported I would feel. You literally just have to turn up, Emma can get you through any run.

I genuinely didn’t think that I would ever manage to run, I haven’t since school, but this was such a wonderful start to running and I was so proud to reach a 5km run by the end of the course. I wouldn’t have done it without Emma and the group and I can’t recommend her enough.

I started Run Club when we were in the first lockdown. I immediately felt connected to the women and felt part of the community even through zoom.

Obviously my running fitness, stamina, pace and distance have improved; but for me, it’s been the friends that I have made in group and the sense of belonging I have. Emma’s knowledge, energy and enthusiasm is so contagious and she’s all about women supporting women, creating such a strong culture of support. 

My Thursday is the most sacred space that I make for myself – it combines exercise and connection with a great bunch of women, which I think is the best self-care going. Literally can’t recommend Run Club enough!! 

I moved to Worsley in lockdown and I didn’t know anyone in the local area so I was looking for a local group I could join. I came across MTW Fitness on Instagram, I sent a message asking if I could come along and see what the group was all about. When I arrived, Emma was so lovely to me and everyone was really chatty, very friendly and they welcomed me with open arms.

What’s really special about MTW Fitness is the community of women, it’s a very supportive club and every achievement is always celebrated.

I love that we have a monthly run programme and all our sessions are different throughout the month which has really helped me with my running.

Nerves kicked in as I approached the group of women on the green….silly really as an adult but meeting new people was intimidating! I had already been welcomed by Emma, the very bubbly group leader via messages but was yet to meet anyone in person. I warily walked into the circle, met with smiles and hellos….ok, I can do this! From the minute I joined Emma’s run group I felt accepted and a part of a great group of women. Emma’s knowledge and reassurance is in abundance and the group of women quickly become your friends. It’s not just about the exercise, it’s the time out of your regular life just for you, with a group of like minded women. I have had the pleasure of running events with some of the ladies now, all organised by Emma who puts her all into creating a great community. Run club has enhanced my life far more beyond exercise, I cannot recommend it enough….we all have to start somewhere!

I signed up to this programme last year as I wanted to get fit for my upcoming wedding.  I wasn’t very confident with my 5k but followed the programme and suddenly found myself doing 7, 8, 9K….When it came to the day of the 10K event Emma was there to support me and when I got to the finish I was so proud of myself for doing something I never thought I could achieve. We can all do anything if we put our minds to it! x

After completing the beginners group in 2020 and conquering the 5k, I decided it was time for a new challenge – the 10k. I’d grappled with this for such a long time, it seemed so out of reach, especially seeing as though I never found 5k “easy”.  The program itself is a gradual steady increase over the course of a number of weeks, the small incremental increases, coupled with the support of the group helped to make the 10k North Star seem within reach ! What made such a difference to me personally was the support from Emma to help shift my mindset that I couldn’t do it !

I was nervous starting the programme, especially after seeing other training programmes on the internet but shouldn’t have been. It ended up being no more runs than I had been doing but slightly longer and the same type as we did every week so there was nothing new. One of the runs was part of group, one was the usual ‘suggested’ home run and the other was done with members from group who wanted to do longer runs. Most involved a good chat and putting the world to rights and you forgot you were training for a half marathon. On the day we were soooo nervous but started and finished together which was amazing, complete with a great atmosphere. If you stick to Emma’s programme, completing the half is never in doubt and I’m very proud of my medal. I am about to do my 2nd following the same programme and can’t wait.

I joined the half marathon program last summer with the intention of dropping out when the distance got too long. I’d never run further than 10km by that point & I didn’t enjoy the longer distances, but wanted to challenge myself. With the encouragement of Emma & the other women in the programme I kept going & even signed up for the half marathon. Running the half was one of my favourite runs, it was fun (which I can’t believe I’m saying) & I felt really well prepared for it. It feels like such an achievement & I’m still surprised that I actually did it. It’s made me trust in Emma’s programme so much more & I’ve even signed up for my next half. I’d encourage anyone who is thinking about it to give it a go, I’m so glad I did.

When my friend suggested joining a 0-5k running group I never thought I’d be able to run. But I did! Then she suggested we do the 5-10k,  with Emma coaching and I found it really hard but did it! Emma’s support and programming sessions really helped me build my running stamina and strength without getting injured or giving up. I’m now training for my third half marathon with Emma and the lovely group of supportive ladies. With this great combination it’s really make it possible and most of the time enjoyable 😉