I get that it’s a big decision to join a new programme and that you’ll have questions you’ll want to ask me beforehand!

I’ve put together the common ones I get asked; however if there’s something you’re not sure about then please don’t hesitate to reach out to Emma@mtwfitness.co.uk and ask. I’m very approachable!

They include a warm-up, core work, strength and cardio based exercises and a cool-down.  A range of equipment including resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells and also bodyweight exercises are used.  

The sessions are designed for you and you’ll be able to fully participate in them. My style as a trainer is to focus on developing your health and fitness steadily and safely. I’ve worked with lots of women returning to exercise after having children, those with injuries and those where low impact exercises are best used due to existing conditions in areas such as the pelvic floor, hip and knee.

In a word – nope! There is not a single woman I’ve coached who doesn’t now enjoy using weights.

Absolutely not!  Some women choose to take pictures for themselves but this is entirely your decision.