Through my personal training sessions, I support women to exercise and improve your health and fitness within an inclusive, friendly and supportive environment.

Bookings for the 2021 programmes can be done here.

These small friendly groups of 6 are a fantastic way to experience personal training alongside other women. As well as a great workout in the beautiful outdoors, you’ll learn lots of new ways to exercise that you can do yourself at home too.

Each programme runs for 6 weeks and includes 2 weekly sessions. The first in group and an optional one for you to do via my MTW Fitness App

Groups run on Wednesdays 6-7pm, Fridays 9.30am and Sundays 8am, 9am, 10am and 11am
£60 per 6 week programme

Recognising that some women may prefer to exercise in a more private environment, I also offer both individual and pairs sessions. Sessions are currently taking place in my garden gym location with a new gym pod coming soon!

Sessions can be booked in 4,8 and 12 session blocks.  There is also the option to enhance your training further through programmed home workouts.  Accessed through the MTW Fitness App which includes video demos of all exercises, you could do this as either 2 x 30min sessions or 1 x 60min session per week.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS                                  + MTW FITNESS APP 

4 sessions – £140                                              £160 in total

8 sessions – £260                                              £300 in total

12 sessions – £360                                            £420 in total

PAIRS SESSIONS                                             + MTW FITNESS APP 

4 sessions – £200                                               £230 in total

8 sessions – £380                                               £440 in total

12 sessions – £540                                             £630 in total

If you’re interested in my individual and pairs sessions please get in touch.

Check out the FAQ page which covers the main questions I get asked about my personal training sessions.