Do I have to be able to run a certain pace/speed?
Absolutely not! You’ll run at a pace that’s comfortable for you and you’ll be grouped with other women who run this pace too.

What if none of my friends want to do it with me?
You are not alone in this.  Most people who join my running groups do so on their own, not with friends.  My groups are very inclusive, and you’ll get to know other women really easily – I promise!

What running gear do I need?
Nothing fancy or expensive!  A supportive sports bra, trainers that are suitable for running in, leggings/jogging pants, a top and lightweight jacket/hoody.  For darker nights, you will also need reflective LED armbands.

What if I can’t make a session one week?
It’s not a problem!  You’ll have your full programme so even if you’re not in group, you can still do it yourself or use our online group to meet up with others.  

What about Covid-19?
To keep everyone safe and socially distanced, you’ll be in your own ‘run bubble’ with other women who run the same pace as you.

Should exercise guidelines change with face-to-face sessions no longer possible, run programmes will continue through a buddy system.  

What happens in the sessions?
They include a warm-up, core work, strength and cardio based exercises and a cool-down.  A range of equipment including resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells and also bodyweight exercises are used.  

What if I’m not ‘fit’, have an injury or condition?
The sessions are designed for you and you’ll be able to fully participate in them. My style as a trainer is to focus on developing your health and fitness steadily and safely. I’ve worked with lots of women returning to exercise after having children, those with injuries and those where low impact exercises are best used due to existing conditions in areas such as the pelvic floor, hip and knee.

You seem to like using weights, will it make me bulky?
In a word – nope! There is not a single woman I’ve coached who doesn’t now enjoy using weights. If you need convincing anymore – they’re great for tackling bingo wings😉

Do I have to do before and after pictures?
Absolutely not!  Some women choose to take pictures for themselves but this is entirely your decision and no images would be published.

What about Covid-19?
To keep everyone safe and socially distanced, sessions are held outdoors and you will have your own equipment which is cleaned before each session.