Do you run but the thought of joining a run club seem laughable?

Sure, you enjoy running (mainly afterwards!) but run clubs are for women who run far, fast and seriously aren’t they?!

That’s what I thought for years.

Even after qualifying as a run coach in 2018, I still doubted myself as I didn’t fit the stereotype we can hold about run clubs and the women who run in them. I didn’t run really far, nor fast and as for being serious about my running – that just triggered my anxiety.

Yet I figured if I ran this way, there would be other women who may want to join me. So in 2019 my Thursday Run Club came into being!

It not only survived but thrived during the Covid Lockdown when we created a buddy run system alongside online warm ups and cool downs. Then in August 2020 when we were able to meet up, small run bubbles were formed that brought women together who ran at the same pace.

1. Your running pace doesn’t matter

Like many Covid bubbles, we thought they’d get disbanded; but it wasn’t meant to be. They become much-loved by everyone as they connected women directly to others whom they could run comfortably and happily with.

Yes we may be a Run Club of 30+ women; but inside Club our bubbles The A Team, Bubble C, The Cheetahs and The Gazelles make sure you always have those perfect run buddies to be with.

So when I say your running pace doesn’t matter; I truly mean it. Runners in club range between 50 mins and 22 mins to do a 5k distance. Wherever you may run on that spectrum; or indeed beyond it; I have a run bubble waiting for you!

2. You’ll get to do more than just run

You’d obviously expect to be running in my Run Club; but what surprises women is we do way more than that! To help prevent injuries as a runner you need both strength and balance, which I focus on in club too.

When coming into Run Club, each woman gets membership of my online strength and conditioning programme. Plus, I run runner’s strength sessions in the woods as part of our Club programme.

3. You can choose your run distance

When women join club, they’re already able to run 5k. However, the distance they choose to run from there is up to them!

Women in Run Club have the option to do a 5-10k programme and a half marathon programme as part of their Club membership.

But there’s no pressure to do this! If you don’t fancy trying a new longer distance or getting a new PB for your current 10k or half marathon, then don’t. The usual Run Club sessions run alongside the distance programmes; meaning you can indeed choose the distance that’s right for you.

How do you feel about run clubs now?

Does the concept of joining a run club still seem laughable? Or have I managed to convey how inclusive my own Run Club is and a place there for you? 

I really hope so but feel free to check out what some of the women in club say themselves.

We meet every Thursday 7.30-8.15pm at Worsley Green on Worsley Road and I’d love to be running with you soon!

For more details and booking – CLICK HERE.

Emma x

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