Do you find it harder to exercise outdoors as we head into autumn?

You’re not alone, because I’m hearing it every day from women and I also feel it when the colder weather, darker mornings and nights draw in.

If this rings true for you, check out my tips for exercising outdoors in autumn. These will help you keep joy and headspace in your colder weather workouts!

Layer for autumn exercising

Whilst it’s tempting to grab your thickest clothes when exercising outdoors in autumn; it’s better to have thinner multiple layers. Think sleeveless top, followed by an exercise top, followed by a hoodie/waterproof jacket. I’ve been known to wear a pair of 90 denier tights under my leggings to layer up there!

By doing this, air gets trapped between the layers and warms up to keep out the chill. You can then take layers off as you get warmer during your workout.

Protect your extremities

We’re talking about ears, fingers and toes as the furthest bits from our torso get cold the quickest!

Gloves are a given – please wear them! Heat packs in them too are useful; particularly if you suffer from Raynaud’s like I do.

Either a hat or thick headband is good. Some women find hats too hot, so a headband allows heat to escape whilst keeping your ears warm. 

Finally for those pinkies – think layers again and double up on thinner socks rather than reaching for one thick pair.

The good news is that exercising is one of the best ways to warm up when it’s colder, so you’ll be feeling toasty around ten minutes into your workout and laughing in the face of those winter chills!

Don’t do it alone

If the thought of stepping out into the chill makes you want to dive to the sofa; then exercise buddies are the way forward!

Whether you’re part of a programme with a coach – I might just happen to know a good one – or meeting up with friends to do your own thing – you’re far more likely to get out and importantly, enjoy exercising when you’re with others.

At this time of year, you’ll never catch me running around Worsley on my own! Arranging a meet up with a run buddy gets me out of the house, plus I have a lovely catch up with them along the way.

Here’s 3 benefits of exercising with a friend:

  1. Staying accountable – you’re less likely to skip your workout if your pal is waiting to meet you. No one wants to leave their friend hanging do they?
  2. Boost your wellbeing – the benefits of exercising are plentiful and catching up with a friend for a chat enhances your wellbeing even further. So it’s a win win situation!
  3. Get of of your own head – we’re all guilty of overthinking exercise and doing together makes it less of a mental hurdle to overcome.

Have your own tips?

Is there anything else you’d recommend for exercising outdoors in autumn? What are your tips for staying warm and motivated to still do your workouts?

I’d love to hear about your recommendations – share your thoughts and inspiration with me by commenting below!

Enjoy those autumnal workouts!

Emma x

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