Exercising is like a roadtrip. There are twist and turns; as well as bumps we need to get over to continue on our way. Here are 4 things to know about exercising and why they’re all perfectly normal.

You won’t always want to exercise

The first thing you need to know about exercising is that some days you’ll find that despite the best of intentions, you really can’t be bothered to work out! So, what should you do when you have a fitness programme but cba to stick to the day’s workout?

If you’re feeling physically and mentally worn out then listen to your body and rest😴

However, if you’re waiting for a surge of motivation then you need to stop holding out for it and get yourself moving!

If I personally held off exercising until I felt motivated, then most of my workouts wouldn’t happen. Yes that’s right, I might be a PT but feeling abit meh about doing a workout is completely normal for me. I used to think this made me a bad coach but I’ve come to realise it simply makes me human!

When this happens, I first avoid picking up my phone as otherwise I’ll just end up scrolling! Next I think about how I’ll feel at the end of the workout once it’s done. I know my head will feel clearer, my body will feel stronger and I’ll feel happier that I did it!

Sticking my trainers and some exercise gear on next, I get myself stuck into it before I sidetrack myself with my phone or the million and one other things in life.

Top tip! After your next workout, take a selfie or short video when you’re in that post workout high. Seeing yourself like that is a great way to motivate yourself when you’re next feeling meh about exercising!

You won’t always feel the same way

Next up of things you need to know is that there will be days when you feel you’ve lost some fitness because you can’t run as far, plank for the same time or lift a certain weight.

Know that you haven’t! 

You’re human, not a machine. Things such as your food, sleep, menstrual cycle and stress levels all play a role. It’s ok if you don’t do ‘as well’ one day. Accept it for what it is and try to focus on enjoying some movement and headspace.  

Remember exercise isn’t just about how fast you’ve gone, how many reps you did or how heavy a weight you lifted. Never underestimate the importance and value we get as busy mums from getting space for our minds and bodies. We have a right to this so let’s enjoy it!

You won’t always want to continue

That’s right, it’s perfectly normal to consider quitting! Maybe telling your coach to do one and never return. Yes trust me when I read the faces on women in my sessions sometimes I know that’s going through their mind! And that’s fine, because I’ve totally thought it about doing it too.

It’s time here to take a few deep breaths, wait until the session is finished and you’ve recovered before you make a final decision. If the feeling doesn’t pass though then talk to your coach about it and see how they can help. Also consider whether you’re doing the right kind of exercise – we should enjoy what we’re doing!

Yes exercise can be enjoyable but I believe that for many this hasn’t yet happened for them. I’ve lost count of how many women have apologetically told me they don’t like running; yet feel they should so. I always respond that enjoying running is not compulsory! It’s not for everyone and it’s perfectly fine to not like it. I personally don’t like spin, HiiT or aqua aerobics and would definitely not enjoy exercise if I were to do those classes.

You won’t always love your coach

As a coach of course I want women to like me. But there’s times in sessions when I can see at that moment they don’t and that’s fine. I joke in sessions that it’s a good job I’ve got skin as thick as a rhino otherwise I’d have quit MTW a long ago.

I’ve had women mutter under their breath when I’ve talked through the workout, sarcastically say thanks when I’ve said they’re ready to move to a heavier weight, roll their eyes when I tell them the rest period if near to finishing – the list could go on and on!

But it’s fine because I’ve done and still do it all myself to my own coach. There is no malice in there, it’s just that they feel comfortable (which I want) to express exactly how they feel at that moment in time. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

A good coach will know when to challenge and stretch you. Right at that moment you may not feel a lot of love for them. Though if they do it right, you will after you’ve achieved what they set!

Things to remember on your own exercise journey

Please remember – if you’re feeling unmotivated, like you’ve lost some fitness, ready to quit or like you don’t love your coach 100% of the time; they’re all bumps in the road and you will get over them.

Remind yourself of why you want to exercise. How your mind and body will feel after, how you’ll feel fitter to keep up with your kids, how you’ll enjoy spending time with other like-minded women and have something that’s just for you.

Enjoy that journey!

Emma x

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