6 good reasons to cry

I used to see crying as a sign that I wasn’t coping.

I was reminded of this as I’ve done my fair share this week.

After a Covid outbreak at school, Thomas has tested positive (thankfully no symptoms) and we’re back to online home schooling. For those who experienced this first time round, you can imagine how I’m feeingšŸ˜©

Yet rather than berate myself for getting upset, I decided instead to focus on why having a cry was actually a good thing.

I thought you might want to hear the reasons too:

  1. Tears contain stress hormones which are flushed out when we cry.
  2. It releases feel-good chemicals (endorphins).
  3. Those lovely endorphins help to improve our mood.
  4. It switches on the bit of your nervous system which helps us rest.
  5. It helps rally support as it lets others know we need help.
  6. It’s believed to be the way our body restores our emotional balance.

After hearing them, are you more likely to embrace a good cry too?

I hope so, Emma x

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