Beat The Winter Blues

Do you find it harder to motivate yourself to exercise during the winter months?  If so, you’re definitely not alone!  I’m hearing it every day from women in the MTW community and in all honesty, I definitely feel less motivated to exercise when the dark mornings and nights draw in.  If this rings true for you, then check out some top tips for helping you to stay active during the winter months.

Find your why and make it positive!
All too often I have women tell me they “need to exercise” followed by a negative reason like they think they’re fat and should lose weight.  From the outset this then makes the foundation for exercising to be more of a punishment rather than them gaining something from it.  Whether it’s time out for yourself, to learn or get better at a particular sport or a change of scenery and fresh air; find your why and make it positive!

Strength in numbers.
If your enthusiasm and motivation for exercise are waning, or have already gone by the wayside; don’t try to do it on your own! Find yourself some company and with it comes increased motivation and accountability.  Let’s face it, we are social creatures who thrive on the company of others. Can you tell I was always the one to get in trouble in gym class for chatting?!

Get it in the diary.
I’m sure you start the week with most things planned through your phone diary, shared family calendars and the numerous to-do lists?  Yet do you plan your exercise into the diary too? If not, it’s all too easy to fill your time with other things because let’s face it, there’s far too many great series of Netflix at the minute! 

Be realistic.
If your week ahead is really busy, with Christmas on the horizon this is only going to increase, then be realistic in terms of what exercise you can do.  There’s no point in planning to do more than you physically (and mentally) could get in as it only leads to frustration and disappointment.  I learnt this lesson myself recently after struggling to fit in my sessions whilst trying to get ready for an early Christmas before we go away – it’s better to do shorter or less sessions and get them done rather than nothing at all!

There’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.
I know northern weather isn’t the best, but there’s people living in alot colder climates and they still manage to exercise.  So yes, it’s colder if you’re exercising outside but by no means too cold that you’re going get hyperthermia and end up hospitalised.  Rather than reaching for your thick padded coat or woolly jumper to keep you warm; use thin layers of clothes that you can then take off as you warm up.  Or if you’re like one of the women at Easier Said – then apparently wearing your tights under leggings will keep you toasty!