4 things you should know

Exercising is like being on a journey. There’s twist and turns; as well as bumps that we need to get over to continue on our way. Here’s 4 of the most common ones that women face and why they’re all perfectly normal things for you to experience.

You won’t always want to exercise
Some days you’ll find that despite the best of intentions, you really can’t be bothered! So what should you do?

If you’re feeling physically and mentally worn out then listen to your body and rest😴 However, if you’re waiting for a surge of motivation then you need to stop holding out for it and get yourself moving! If I personally held off exercising until I felt motivated then most of my workouts wouldn’t happen.

You won’t always feel the same
They’ll be days when you feel that you’ve lost some fitness because you can’t run as far, plank for the same time or lift a certain weight. Know that you haven’t!

We’re humans not machines. Factors such as our food, sleep, menstrual cycle and stress levels all play a role. It’s ok if you don’t do ‘as well’ one day. Accept it for what it is and try to focus on enjoying some movement and headspace. 

You won’t always want to continue
That’s right, it’s perfectly normal to consider quitting! Maybe telling your coach to do one and never return.  It’s time here to take a few deep breaths, wait until the session is finished and you’ve recovered before you make a final decision.

If the feeling doesn’t pass though then talk to your coach about it and see how they can help. Also consider whether you’re doing the right kind of exercise – we should enjoy what we’re doing!

You won’t always love your coach
As a coach I of course want women to like me. But there’s times in sessions when I can see at that moment they don’t😂

A good coach will know when to challenge and stretch you. Right at that moment you may not feel a lot of love for them. Though if they do it right, you will after you’ve achieved what they set!

As you continue on your own journey
Please remember – if you’re feeling unmotivated, like you’ve lost some fitness, ready to quit or don’t love your coach 100% of the time; they’re all bumps in the road and you will get over them💪

Enjoy that journey😀

Emma x

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Exercising in winter

Do you find it harder to exercise during the winter months? 

I’m hearing it every day from women and I also feel it when the cold weather, dark mornings and nights draw in🙁

If this rings true for you, check out my tips to help you keep joy and headspace in your winter workouts💜

Layer, layer, layer
Whilst it’s tempting to grab your thickest clothes; it’s better to have thinner multiple layers. Think vest top, followed by an exercise top, followed by a hoodie/waterproof jacket. I have been known to wear a pair of 90 denier tights under my leggings to layer up there😆

By doing this, air gets trapped between the layers and warms up to keep out the chill. You can also then take layers off as you get warmer during your session.

Protect your extremities
We’re talking about ears, fingers and toes as the furthest bits from our torso get cold the quickest🥶

Gloves are a given – please wear them! Heat packs in them too are useful; particularly if you suffer from Raynaud’s like I do.

Either a hat or thick headband is good. Some people find hats too hot, so a headband allows heat to escape whilst keeping your ears warm.

Finally those pinkies can get cold so think layers again and double up on thinner socks rather than reaching for one thick pair.

Don’t do it alone
If the thought of stepping out into the chill makes you want to dive to the sofa; then exercise buddies bring much joy and accountability!

Whether you’re part of a programme with a coach – I might just happen to know a good one 😉 – or meeting up with friends to do your own thing – you’re far more likely to get out and importantly, enjoy exercising when with others.

Have your own tips?
Is there anything else you’d recommend? If so I’d love to hear about it so just comment below!

Enjoy those winter workouts😀

Emma x

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6 good reasons to cry

I used to see crying as a sign that I wasn’t coping.

I was reminded of this as I’ve done my fair share this week.

After a Covid outbreak at school, Thomas has tested positive (thankfully no symptoms) and we’re back to online home schooling. For those who experienced this first time round, you can imagine how I’m feeing😩

Yet rather than berate myself for getting upset, I decided instead to focus on why having a cry was actually a good thing.

I thought you might want to hear the reasons too:

  1. Tears contain stress hormones which are flushed out when we cry.
  2. It releases feel-good chemicals (endorphins).
  3. Those lovely endorphins help to improve our mood.
  4. It switches on the bit of your nervous system which helps us rest.
  5. It helps rally support as it lets others know we need help.
  6. It’s believed to be the way our body restores our emotional balance.

After hearing them, are you more likely to embrace a good cry too?

I hope so, Emma x

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